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Lexus of Massapequa has a wide selection of high-performance New and Pre-Owned Lexus models to choose from. Please contact us today to schedule a test drive and experience firsthand the advanced technology and luxurious amenities that only Lexus can offer.

To meet the unique needs of our highly valued and diverse clientele, Lexus of Massapequa proudly offers Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Persian, Croatian, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic-speaking sales staff.

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Queens area Lexus dealers are offering their promotions through advertisements in newspapers

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At Lexus of Massapequa, Queens area Lexus customers are sure to find the perfect vehicle to fit their needs and price range. We also have wonderful offers that give our shoppers a chance to buy the vehicle they like at a price they'll like. These deals and specials are published frequently in many local print publications and newspapers. This helps our customers stay aware of the latest specials offered by us. Shoppers can then use this information to purchase their next vehicle at an affordable price.

Besides advertisements in local newspapers and other print publications, Queens area Lexus buyers can also browse information about the specials we offer through the Lexus of Massapequa website. This feature can be especially helpful for busy  Lexus customers living in Queens who are hard-pressed for time to visit our dealership to browse our deals and collection of vehicles.

Apart from busy customers, shoppers who live in areas located at a distance from Lexus of Massapequa or buyers who simply feel like browsing our deals from the comfort of their home can do so by reading about our specials online. The Lexus of Massapequa dealership is proud to be counted among the Lexus dealers on your list to visit.

Our wide range of vehicles includes all kinds of luxury vehicles to match any type of specification and lifestyle. We have ample stock of Lexus vehicles that spell comfort, class, and luxury. You'll be sure to find your dream car and use specials and promotions to purchase it at an affordable price when you shop Lexus of Massapequa.